About Me

I’m Colleen, business owner, mum and budding blogger. I live in a village in suburban Surrey, England with my son Harrison and a tortoiseshell cat called Toast (named by Harry, he also named a friends cat Pancake… running theme?).

In this house we love mac n cheese, pancakes (not the cat although she is rather lovely), baking, lazy sundays together and the great outdoors. Harry would like to add MarioKart to the list, which we do love!

We don’t like grey rainy days, running out of coffee (me), marshmallows (Harry) and losing the telly remote control!

I started Urban Country Project mainly to show myself that you can have your own slice of the country in suburbia, that the dream of the country life can be realised and I plan to do just that!

So follow my journey as I go from town mouse to country mouse and the lessons I learn along the way.

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