This Week in Suburban Surrey… A ‘Mini Adventure’

I love Minis, like absolutely head over heels in love with them. How small and adorable they are, the shape of them, the different types you can get, how classically British they are and even the way the boot opens!

When I finished university back in 2006 (shhh… it wasn’t that long ago!), I bought my first car when I was learning to drive. It was a red John Cooper original with a chequer board roof and a walnut dash. It was a fantastic car and I have some of the best memories driving it, once I managed to fit camping gear, chairs, a Labrador and 2 adults in it, and yes it still managed to get up hills! Sadly due to the work that Trusty needed (I know you should never name things as it makes it harder to say goodbye) I had to sell it, and I still wish I never had.


This Sunday was ‘Mini Day’ at Brooklands Museum, an event where mini owners get to show off their cars, mingle with other enthusiasts and even try their luck on Test Hill. Test Hill was built at the track in 1909, it starts with a 1/8 gradient then to a 1/5 and finally a 1/4 at the top. I’ve been lucky enough to be a passenger going up the hill and I can tell you it is exciting!

I go to Mini Day mostly for a good day out, being Brooklands Museum members means we skip the queues and can go as many time as we like during the year. I also go to satisfy my cravings, although I did have to ask my 5 year son Harrison to be my wingman and steady my hand on my wallet. I was told no less than 8 times I was not allowed to buy a mini, but everytime I saw a for sale sign my heart skipped a beat! One day…

You may ask what this all has to do with us living the country lifestyle and living the good life in suburban Surrey. Truthfully, it doesn’t really but it is a window into what we like to do for fun and a perfect excuse for me to talk about another one of my passions. You never know in the near future I may be blogging about my own Mini Adventures!

Colleen x